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thefagpireinthesweatervest replied to your post: [Even though I don’t really participate here…

I missed you!

[R-really…? No one ever seems to.]

sharkboywithoutlavagirl replied to your post: [Even though I don’t really participate here…

Lee. Dont you fuckin dare quit >:I You are fucking awesome.

[Maybe I’ll come back soon. Give it a little time. <3]

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[Even though I don’t really participate here anymore and when I did, I was horribly quiet, my presence is not even noticed. There’s been scant reference to Lee himself, not that I was surprised, and my name’s even been taken off the official RP list. To add to it, it appears I was (and still am) the only Lee to date. Again, not that I’m surprised.


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And I am still


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[This RP doesn’t much interest me anymore, and people tend to ignore or avoid me at best anyway. With the original Conrad, Hanna, Zombie, and all of the Pleses gone, it’s sort of boring. And since school is coming up and I’ve rediscovered my sense of apathy, I’m going to quit coming on here for a while. If anything happens, or you just want to talk (HA HA), feel free to tell me in- or out-of-character in my personal ask box.

G’night, folks.]

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…I miss him.

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What’s this? Did I just wake up to some techno AWESOME?


**dancing and unsing all over the apartment, headphones on her shoulders, music cranked high enough they vibrate on the base**

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Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to.
— Richard Harris Barham
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Please tell me someone else remembers this song.

The ’80s….fuck, good times. <3

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A six?
     That&#8217;s surprisingly high.



A six?

     That’s surprisingly high.

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Who are you?

Oh. You don’t remember.

     Don’t worry about it then. …A friend.

Oh! Your that fucked up ghost that made Hanna pass out aren’t you? Why are you following me on here?

     I’m only trying to be friendly.

And I apologize for before.

          Things are different now.

Well okay. But don’t go running though people again! Hanna’s heart…

          Don’t worry. I won’t.

After all, Hanna has far worse things to worry about now.

     Or did you know?

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